FAQ - Liveshopping with eStreamly

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Who is eStreamly for?

  • Livestream selling: Create an engaging liveshopping front end on your website easily. Work with influencers or your brand spokesperson to meet your customer where they are thanks to our integration with Facebook, Youtube & Instagram.  
  • Video Marketer: Host video on any webpage with a "buy" button. Embed your shoppable video  on your email marketing campaign. Collect information about the viewers, including email and analytics.
  • Marketplace: Seamlessly manage multiple host and brands. Run multiple livestreams all on one webpage.
  • Creators: Easily add products to sell on your content from our rich products library. Connect and promote across various social media.
  • Marketing Agencies: Onboard brands easily, invite creators, let them connect their social media handle and analyze performance.

What e-commerce Integration does eStreamly support?

eStreamly integrates with your e-commerce environment. We seamlessly integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and BigCommerce and are always working on new integrations.

Where can shoppers see my live videos?

Your shoppable livestream & videos are on your website. Once onboarded you can easy access the embedded code to add each video or your channel (based on your plan) directly to your website. Embedding on a landing page is super easy! 

Content can be simultaneously stream to your YouTube, Facebook Page & Instagram accounts. 

Can shoppers buy directly from social media?

Yes! We currently support Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. When your live goes on, you can connect your social media handle and we will push a link with your content that will make the all experience shoppable

Can I stream to TikTok as well?

Unfortunately at the moment, we do not support TikTok :(

Can I stream to Amazon Live as well?

Unfortunately at the moment, we do not support Amazon Live :(

How is payment connected to my account?

eStreamly offer 2 payment solutions 

  • Through Stripe: eStreamly connect to your bank account and sales proceed are deposited on your account automatically. On the stripe dashboard you can access all transactions information, manage data and more
  • Through our payment gateway network: eStreamly connect directly to your payment processors, so you have maximum control. 
Shoppers can pay with credit or debit cards via Apple Pay, Google Pay... We also support product subscription.

Do you store any payment information?

We are not storing any critical consumer information. All payment information is encrypted at the time of input, and we use world-class partner to manage payment tokenization. 

Who owns the data?

It’s your customers, your data. You own and have full control over transactions and each shopper's information.

Can I connect to eStreamly with an RTMP?

Sure! Glad you ask sound like you're a Pro Streamer! We can certainly take your feed as input to eStreamly!

Do you provide analytics?

Yes! Data is yours. After your live we will send you a detailed analytic reports & data

What is the length of the contract?

Estreamly makes liveshopping easy. We understand it may be new to you and may not be sure of your need. Our contract are month to month and we offer a 10% discount for full year payment. 

Can I change my plan later?

eStreamly offer livestream shopping & video selling solution adapted to your need. Our subscription is a month to month and can be upgraded/ downgraded anytime. 

Do you have a free plan?

We offer a 90% off Discount for the 1st month and you can cancel anytime. Want to show the technology and test it before hands? Let us know, we can give you access to a sandbox

How long does it take to onboard and go live?

Integration with your ecommerce and payment process typically takes 48-72 hours.

How can I create my first a live event?

Sign up here and our team will connect with you to integrate with your e-commerce platform & payment processor. Then, you can schedule your livestream shopping event freely in just a few minutes anytime you want. 

How long should my livestream shopping event last?

We recommend to create event of 30 minutes minimum as we see pick of audience typically after 20 minutes. Our data also show that on average, shoppers spend 8 minutes watching a live event. The more engaging your content is, the longer the audience will stay and take action.

It is good practice to regularly (+/- 10 minutes) reintroduce yourself, your product and what's special about this event. We had a great podcast episode on this topic with a former QVC host. 

What support does eStreamly provide?

We love our customers and we support them however they need. If you prefer a complete hands off experience, our self scheduling feature enables you to manage your live and sales. 

Do you prefer a complete hands-on experience? From content discussion, to promotion recommendations to live sales training, our team is a group of passionate sales people that can’t wait to work with you. We can refer you to some special service or help internally. 

Can eStreamly help finding a content creator?

Yes we can. We work with extremely talented, professional on-camera talent experienced in livestream selling. We can pair you with host that will best represent your products and engage with viewers.

How does eStreamly compare to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other live platforms?

Social media platforms have great live-streaming options. That's why eStreamly enables you to leverage those Facebook, Instagram and YouTube so you can reach a broader audience. 

What's unique to eStreamly is that you own your data and control the shopping experience. Unlike on social media, the buying process is seamlessly integrated into your live.

You also have access to advanced moderation & analytics for optimal control. 

Can I upload a video or must all events be live?

You can do both! eStreamly developed a proprietary technology that enables video & livestream shopping interactivity on pre-recorded videos.

Can I ask a question while I have the purchase screen up?

Yes, you can definitely ask a question while I have the purchase screen up? In fact, the video will always be viewable at anytime. 
Now we do offer polling. Polling is only accessible to viewers that are not exploring your products. We prioritize product purchase over engagement. 

Can we change the product placement on the video?

The product widget is fully movable by the users, and we also have a button to hide the chat. 

Can we still use this feature if our Facebook shop is not setup?

Yes, absolutely, there is no need to set up a Facebook shop. As a result, you or any influencers can do a Facebook live on their own personal social media handle and sell Ayurveda products, without issues while you still remain in control of the data and payment process. 

can you sell services instead of products?

Absolutely. We are also soon supporting  meeting scheduling. 

Are show recorded for later use?

All live are recorded and available for replay. In fact we see that most sales happen on the recording of the live. 

Am I able to get analysis on demographics and geographic info of a shopper?

We'd love to be able to do that :/ It's something we are trying to solve for. Right now, the data we get is information viewers have on their public profile alongside email address. We're exploring a few options to see what's doable. Now you still have access to email + data such as "added product x to cart" or browse video y... you can that data to retarget your user as you'd like. 

Are consumers personal informations shared on the site secured?

Yes it is, we actually don't store sensitive information and tokenize that data for maximun security.

How long does it take to set-up all the skus in livestreaming?

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up the livestream. Most user will prepare the live in advance, but you can also add products during the live

Is the shopping experience redirected to my website from Social media?

The shopping experience happen on social media. Shopper is not redirected to your site. eStreamly technology is very different from most players because the payment & cart is on the video itself. We created a cart on the video. Shoppers paying will be approved by your payment processor thanks to our integration to a large payment railway. All data is tokenized for maximum security. Once transaction return validated, we automatically push the order to your ecommerce that will generate all automation and regular trigger you already have set up. When transaction is completed, shoppers can continue watching, buy more or continue their journey on social media. 

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