Livestreaming Success Checklist

A lot goes into creating a successful eCommerce live stream and it can feel daunting.  

eStreamly made this ultimate livestreaming checklist to help you look and sound your best. To avoid feeling overwhelmed with video quality, multiple recording devices, and the details that go into live commerce

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Why should you download this  checklist?

Cover Marketing Basics: there are a few way to market your event. We wrote about what has been the most effective for us.

  • Cover Livestreaming Basics: Camera settings, microphone quality, right light...
  • What to say In The Video.
  • How to optimize Your Platform 

“I had to step out of my comfort zone to go live and it was helpful to have eStreamly support on my side, get the confidence boost I needed to go over the hedge. Highly recommend.”

“Being an influencer and being able to support Black Beauty Brands, working with eStreamly has been such an innovative and breakthrough way to bring product to new market that would usually not be served.”

One platform for all your liveshopping needs