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Recent release


  • Visa's Unified Checkout (Click to Pay). It provides a streamlined and secure checkout experience by allowing customers to pay with their preferred digital wallet or payment method through a single merchant integration.
  • Custom Domain can be pulled from the main dashboard and all video links have been replaced by the merchant subdomain

5/7/2024: Automated Shoppable Video DM on Instagram


  • Yay!!!! You can now see your Instagram chat directly on your video player!
  • User experience improvements & bug fixes
  • Magento extension now also support PHP 7.4


  • Merged Chat on video player: display Youtube and Facebook chat on the player for enhanced user engagement.
  • User experience improvements


  • Autoplay next video
  • User experience improvement with floating player and shoppable video email


  • New look and feel to present your products
  • Select your prefered floating player format (vertical/ Horizontal)
  • Easily add formatted shoppable video to your Outlook account
  • Improved Youtube event management flow
  • bug fixes


  • Added TikTok as a Streaming Destination
  • New floating player
  • Improvement on video loading
  • Magento extension updated to support Cybersource payment version ^3.5 

3/20/2024: Various user experience improvement

3/15/2024: Bug Fixes


  • Improved user experience based on recent user feedback
  • Improved checkout flow for Magento
  • Bug fixes

3/4/2024: Easily import video from TikTok and Instagram! Use the URL of the video on the video import and make your content shoppable in 2 clicks!

2/27/2024:  New engineering of social media broadcasting. With this release, social media livestream connection will be very fast and 10x more reliable


  • Now supporting affiliate links: Add your affiliate shopping link on your video & livestream
  • Vulnerability & bug fixes
  • Improved post live VOD experience in the event that live experience an outage


  • Improved chat responsiveness
  • Improved checkout flow for BigCommerce out of stock products
  • bug fixes

2/4/2024: A lot of micro release were made to improve the overall quality of the video stream from the broadcaster


  • Introducing 1080p resolution on livestream from your Mobile phone!
  • latest version update feature: Now, a notification popup will automatically appear, prompting users to refresh their browser, ensuring they always have access to the newest and most efficient version of our platform.


  • Video quality improvement
  • Improve UI on category carousel
  • Bug fixes

12/20/2023: Magento App approved and public in Magento Marketplace

12/8/2023: Deploy regional settings to support UK business for Bigcommerce merchant.


  • Improve UI for poll
  • Product shoutout when transitioning to a new product
  • Stream to custom destination from broadcaster
  • Improve system automated update 

11/20/2023: Introducing Social Commerce offering. Invite creators, automate pay-out on transaction.


  • Import videos straight from YouTube
  • Bug fixes


  • Improved the player and Facebook experience to significantly improve viewer's checkout process. 
  • New mobile experience. Everything can be done from your cellphone 
  • White label URL - player can now be a subdomain of a client site
11/3/2023: New Magento extension

10/17/2023: Improve support message at various place in the platform

10/13/2023: Product sync for Shopify greatly improved. You can now at anytime add newly created product on your livestream without waiting our daily automatic database syncing with your Shopify store. 


  • Shopify product search improved
  • Bug fixes


  • Upcoming event page improvement


  • New SMS Follow Popup
  • New UI for Horizontal video on mobile phone
  • Easily access Poll results


  • Inventory notification is now supported for Shopify
  • Bug fixes
  • Improve Broadcaster stability
  • Seamless sign-in between broadcaster & estreamly channel


  • Improved traffic attribution
  • Bug fixes

8/31/2023: Inventory notification is now supported for custom ecommerce platform  


  • Updated terms and conditions
  • Updated Privacy policies
  • Automatic site discount now supported for BigCommerce


  • Introducing Inventory: (only for BigCommerce) Show low inventory alert and improved viewers messaging on your inventory and out of stocks


  • Player performance improvement - New progressive web app
  • Player Branding: Match the player to your brand's unique color palette and typography

8/2/2023: Bug fixes


  • Improved mobile experience for landscape mode.
  • Improved experience for Paypal user
  • Bug fixes

7/28/2023: New eStreamly is finally here: in Video Checkout as a SaaS  

  • New Marketing website
  • New Carousel embed
  • Improved video load speed experience
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes
  • Improved chat moderation

6/16/2023: Improved onboarding experience, minor bugs updated

6/6/2023: Improved swipe up/down experience


  • Deployed a new CDN for faster load time
  • Improve Instagram Simulcasting Solution


  • Analytics
    • Get extensive analytics and understand how your content is performing.
    • User participation & attribution: Know what your audience is doing on your video and where they are coming from. Download the data easily and retarget your viewers.
  • New Shoppable Videos Features.
    • Swipe up/down to move from one video to another
    • Category embed: Group your favorite video together and easily deploy publishing videos on PDP


  • Direct payment solution for Shopify clients ! Shopify's merchants are now the merchant of record. 
  • First integration with VISA for BigCommerce deployed.

5/5/2023: Corrected few bugs

4/21/2023: Corrected bugs with facebook broadcasting

4/14/2023: Ability to choose standard size of embed: portrait or landscape. Corrected few bugs

4/7/2023: Video embed for emails marketing software is now easily accessible from dashboard 

4/1/2023: Much deeper integration with Shopify

3/24/2023: eStreamly was nominated for the 2nd year in a row in the top 40 as a Finalist in the Innovation Driven Company Category for the 2022 TAG Technology Awards. 


  • Version 2 of the player was deployed to production! It provides a much better shopping experience with larger product images, cleaner layout, ...
  • We redesigned the preshow experience to facilitate SMS reminder, improved sharing experience...
  • We now support in-email video shopping!🎉

3/10/2023: New embed player immersive experience. When you go full screen, viewers do not leave your webpage


  • We released SMS reminders to registered subscribers. 
  • We finalized documentation of our first public API 

2/10/2023: Updated self-onboarding process

1/20/2023: We fix a few bothersome bugs

1/13/2023:  Improved chat profanity filtering

1/6/2023:  Several small fixes that add up to an overall better experience. We also deployed our first version of guest chat


  • New URL address routing technology to support subdomain.
  • Released a sandbox enabling to test the technology & payment without the need of a real credit card.


  • New eStreamly homepage 
  • Public BigCommerce App was finally released! 
  • We implemented One Click Checkout through stripe

11/18/2022: Brands and creators can now embed a video channel on their website!


  • After integrating with Facebook profiles, we got the approval to simulcast on Facebook Pages! 
  • Improved UI chat
  • Introduced 1-click to call or text from video. 
  • Users can now add and save their social media credentials.


  • We released an updated player as a first phase to support buying on social media.
  • We deployed individual video pages for better video SEO

9/18/2022: Embedded player performance improvements


  • Made a few updates on the self-onboarding form. 
  • Player usability improvement 


  • Facebook & Youtube simulcasting
  • Released the retail-media embed. 
  • New self-onboarding form as a way to reduce onboarding to a few hours.

8/26/2022:  Instagram Simulcasting now available

8/12/2022: Basic analytic dashboard. Easily download new leads, understand engagement and sales for each video

7/29/2022: Improved shopper engagement experience with new animated likes and instant poll results.


  • Add to cart and Instant checkout! Add To Cart will allow checkout of multiple items.
  • We also support guest checkout which does not require a login 


  • Embed code for unique video now easily accessible on dashboard

5/29/2022: Several bug fixes. Implement data collection & tracking


  • Revenue on admin Live tab
  • Improved product description & shipping information on product popup
  • Embedded player showing upcoming event will now show registration information
  • Live Disruption safeguard. Keep your stream on even if your connection breaks
  • Implement Stripe Payment

2/23/2022: Improved Admin Page: Manage your next event, current live and review past live easily

1/13/2022: Improve emails notifications

Sept 2021: First live with client